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"As precise as it can get and my stops and PT's are executed in the blink of an eye, as good as it gets"


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Great offering by @TradersLaunch, a revolutionary tool for stocks and futures traders!"

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@TradersLaunch I love you guys.

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Evaluation Method

Qualifying and Funded Traders

Traders who pass get 80% of profits from their funded account. All traders have a End of Day Balance Based Drawdown that stops trailing at the initial account balance. The 40% rule is always in place meaning that 40% of your profits cannot come from a single trading day.

Live Funding Process

Once funded traders achieve their initial profit target on the funded account, they are eligible for a payout. At that point they begin entering the scaling plan, which increases 1 mini contract you can use for every 1% increase based on the initial account balance. An example for the 100k account:

102k: withdrawal eligible (if 40% rule is followed)

103k: Max size increases to 2 mini contracts...

116k: Max size caps out at 15 contracts

If traders continue to perform consistenly, then they will then be moved to a live brokerage account on either Interactive Brokers or T3 Global or another futures focused platform. Traders are responsible for the data fees at that point, but we do not charge anything extra.

Step 1 - Evaluation
  • Hit Profit Target
  • Avoid hitting End of Day Drawdown
  • Best Profit Day Can't Be More than 40% Of Total Profits

Step 2 - funded
  • Hit profit target to withdraw
  • No time restriction on withdraw
  • Don't have 40% of your total profits from one day
Step 3 - Scaling
  • Once you hit profit target then you can start scaling
  • 1 mini contract for every 1% increase in account value
  • 15 Contracts is the max size on any account

Our Trader Plan

Select Your Trader Plan

100% Transparent Rules for Qualifying & Funded Trading
$99.00/ Month

1 Evaluation Goal

  • Profit $2000

3 Evaluation Rules

  • $800 End of Day Drawdown
  • Max size: 5 Micros
  • 40% Rule

3 Funded Rules

  • $800 End of Day Drawdown
  • Scaling Plan
  • 40% Rule
100% Transparent Rules for Qualifying & Funded Trading
$159.00/ Month

1 Evaluation Goals

  • Profit $3000

3 Evaluation Rules

  • $1000 End of Day Drawdown
  • Max Size: 1 mini or 10 micros
  • 40% Rule

3 Funded Rules

  • $1000 End of Day Drawdown
  • Scaling Plan
  • 40% Rule
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You get 30 days access to Spikeet, which is the best backtesting tool for traders. There is a video at the bottom of the FAQ's on our home page that will walk you through how you can use it. We have dedicated discord channel as well where people share their ideas. Connor, one of the founders also drops videos of how he is finding strategies and edges with the tool.

In addition, you get 50% off of Tradervue gold, a premium journaling tool.

All of our drawdowns are based on Balance. We have choices of either End of Day Drawdown or Static Drawdown.

End of Day Drawdown (EOD) is based on the end of day balance of your account. This stops once your EOD reaches the original account balance.

Your account balance will stay the same in a static drawdown account until you reach 6% in the funded, where it will move up to the account balance, and then never move again.

We will never offer equity trailing drawdown as we think it's not fair to traders.

Daily loss limit is calculated on your ending balance of the previous day.

In the funded stage, if you hit your daily loss limit you simply can't trade for the rest of the day. Your account is NOT taken away or invalidated.

While you are on a simulated platform we do take commissions from your account balance. The spreads match live market data from the CBOE exchange. We do not touch, manipulate, or change the spreads in anyway. We have exchange licensing from the CBOE and are allowed to use their data.

It is obvious when someone is abusing the simulated environment by buying on the bid and selling on the ask continuously. This is not allowed and is monitored.

When you are on a live account, the commissions will be subtracted from your trading account.

You will be trading off of stock data and on our brokerages you would be trading stocks.

CFDs are illegal to trade in US and India, but many other prop firms find loopholes to make it work. We do not believe in this method, and do not offer any CFD trading.

We only have the 3 that we list, and then you have to hit 6% profit target before you can request a payout. At that time, we will then move you to a live brokerage account at either Interactive Brokers or T3 Global.


The 40% rule is there to disincentive gambling. The calculation is this.
Best Day PNL / Total PNL must be less than .4 (40%).

No we are very transparent with our rules, funding, and data. Everything is listed clearly, and we are not trying to hide anything.

No there is no minimum amount of trading day.

You get 5x Leverage on ETFs while you are trying out.

Once you move to a funded account, we would most likely have you trade index futures instead of using 5x leverage. You would still have your buying power for stocks.

You are not allowed to swing trade when you are trying out.

In the funded stage, if you have made at least 10% on your account, then please reach out and we will hop on a call to discuss.

No you cannot trade futures or forex when you are trying out.

If you do pass, then you will be allowed to trade futures upon request.

We do not offer forex as we don't think it's beneficial for traders. We believe that stocks and futures offer better opportunities.

Stocks is calculated in shares and not in lots of contracts.

For example buying 100 Apple (AAPL) at $150 would be $15,000 in buying power and if it moved to $151.2, then you would have a profit of $120 ($100 x 1.2).

For our live funded accounts, we work with Interactive Brokers and T3 Global.

We offer all ETFs and about 300 of the most liquid stocks. If there is a specific stock you want to trade, then reach out to us and we will see if we can add it. We have honored that request multiple time.

It just needs to be above a certain market cap and volume to be liquid enough to trade.

Yes we offer Index ETF equivalents.

US30 = DIA

Gold = GLD