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Evaluation Method

Qualifying and Funded Traders

Traders who pass get 80% of profits from their funded account. All traders have a End of Day Balance Based Drawdown that stops trailing at the initial account balance.

Live Funding Process

Once funded traders achieve their initial profit target on the funded account, they are eligible for a payout. At that point they begin entering the scaling plan, which increases 1 mini contract you can use for every 1% increase based on the initial account balance. An example for the 100k account:

101k: We move you to an Interactive Brokers or Ninjatrader Account, profits above 101k can be withdrawn.

103k: Max size increases to 2 mini contracts...

116k: Max size caps out at 15 contracts

Step 1 - Evaluation
  • Hit Profit Target
  • Avoid hitting End of Day Drawdown
  • Best Profit Day Can't Be More than 40% Of Total Profits

Step 2 - funded
  • Hit 1% profit target to move to a live brokerage
  • No time restriction on withdraw
  • No 40% or consistency rule
Step 3 - Scaling
  • Once you hit profit target then you can start scaling
  • 1 mini contract for every 1% increase in account value
  • 15 Contracts is the max size on any account

Our Trader Plan

Select Your Trader Plan

100% Transparent Rules for Qualifying & Funded Trading
$99.00/ Month

1 Evaluation Goal

  • Profit $2000

3 Evaluation Rules

  • $800 End of Day Drawdown
  • Max size: 5 Micros
  • 40% Rule

2 Funded Rules

  • $800 End of Day Drawdown
  • Scaling Plan (max size)
100% Transparent Rules for Qualifying & Funded Trading
$159.00/ Month

1 Evaluation Goals

  • Profit $3000

3 Evaluation Rules

  • $1000 End of Day Drawdown
  • Max Size: 1 mini or 10 micros
  • 40% Rule

2 Funded Rules

  • $1000 End of Day Drawdown
  • Scaling Plan (max size)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Futures Accounts offer End of Day(EOD) Drawdown which is based on the end of day closing balance of your account. This stops once your EOD drawdown reaches the original account starting balance.

For example, you start at 100k, with an $800 dollar drawdown.

If you make $400 on the first day, your drawdown is now at 99,600

If you then lose 200, your drawdown stays at 99,600

If you then make 200, your drawdown is still 99,600

Once your account hits 100,800, your drawdown will lock at the 100k starting balance. So, even if you take your account to 110k, your drawdown stays at 100k.

We will never offer intraday equity trailing drawdown as we believe it's predatory, and unfair to traders. We don't use them on our strategies, so we choose not to apply them in our evaluations.

For Futures, we have no daily loss limits. Only the initial End of Day Drawdown, which will lock at your starting balance.

We charge ZERO activation fees to our traders!

We try and keep the process simple, with no extra hidden charges.

The only fees you'll pay with us is the initial evaluation fee.

Our evaluation fees are billed monthly until a trader passes, at that point billing is paused and no further costs fall on the trader.

For Futures:

Once you reach pass the evaluation and reach the funded stage you need to grow your account 1% ( 101k ).

At this point we will pause your trading, and move you to a live brokerage account with one of our brokers: Interactive Brokers, NinjaTrader, or T3 Global.

You are then eligible for payouts above the 1% buffer zone.

For example: Your account is equal to $101,200, you can withdraw the $200.

There are no payout caps, you can withdraw as little as $100, or $50k all at once.

We process payments within a 3 day time window, usually trying to process the same day when possible.

Payouts are processed by Bank Wire, or can also be sent through Crypto.

Traders receive an 80% split of their profits.

No we are very transparent with our rules, funding, and data. Everything is listed clearly, and we are not trying to hide anything.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out!


For the evaluation stage, we have a 3 day minimum trading days.

Once funded, there are no minimum days before being able to request payout.

You are not allowed to swing trade when you are trying out.

In the funded stage, if you have made at least 10% on your account, then please reach out and we will hop on a call to discuss.

It's our goal to scale traders, and accommodate to their needs.

For our live funded accounts, we work with Interactive Brokers, Ninjatrader, and T3 Global based on the specific needs of our traders.

Yes we offer Index future equivalents. Futures offer better spreads than Forex, allowing almost no slippage.



US30 = YM

Gold = GC

All Futures Contracts. The main ones that people trade with us are S&P500 (ES), Nasdaq-100 (NQ), Gold (GC), and Oil (CL)

The 40% rule only exists while in the initial evaluation, and is dropped once in the funded stage.

What it means, is that no single trading day can be greater than 40% of your over all profits to pass the evaluation.

This rule is put in place to help us avoid gamblers. We want traders who show they can be consistent over multiple trades, not get lucky on 1 large single trade.

Traders must place a minimum of 1 trade per week during the evaluation phase, otherwise their account will be deactivated.

During the funded stage, traders must place a minimum of 1 trade per month before your account will be put on pause. You are still eligible to your profits, and will be paid out regardless.