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Monthly Payment Tryout

Monthly Payment Tryout

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The evaluation period has no time limit and takes place in a $100k simulated environment.

Evaluation Goals:

  • You will be allocated 1x leverage for stocks and 5x leverage for ETFs, namely QQQ, SPY, and DIA.
  • The maximum drawdown for any given month is 3%.
  • Achieve a 5% profit target in at least 2 out of the 3 evaluation months. Should you meet this criterion within the first two months, you become immediately eligible for a contract.
  • Attain profitability on a minimum of 5 trading days during the evaluation period. A profitable trading day is defined as earning 0.5% of the account's value.
  • Overnight trades are allowed, but must be closed Friday at 3:50pm EST.

Contract Terms:

  • If you satisfy these conditions, you will be awarded a $200-per-month contract.
  • Once under contract, achieving a 5% profit target monthly—without incurring a 3% drawdown and while maintaining at least 5 profitable trading days—will result in a 50% increase in your contract value.
  • Should you fail to meet your monthly profit target or exceed the 3% drawdown limit, your contract will be reduced by 50%.
  • Failure to achieve your profit target in consecutive months will result in the termination of your contract.
  • Current cap is 1k/month. We hope to increase this overtime. 
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